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Trial Runs

Questionnaires and Trials

Richard and Roberta often accompanied by Maria, Hank and Jonathan went to several venues did their art, asked questions, and did outreach. These include an event sponsored by Suite Bridgett's Live Art at Ciao Bello, Art of Pride 2011, ArtGymSD Kids Night, ArtGymSD at NTC...

ArtGymSD at 4141 Alabama St (aka Larry Caveny's Garage Gallery)
March 17, 2012

We did a one week art gym. Where people could drop in and work out for a couple of hours (or more).
We set up the space on Sunday the 11th, and then opened for art workouts from the 12th to the 17th, 9am to 9pm. Tear down was March 18th. 
Richard and Jonathan acted as studio managers, opening the garage, and facilitating personal or group projects. All were welcome
ArtGymSD at Larry's Garage Gallery

ArtGymSD at Richard's Garage

Every Saturday Richard has a mini art gym from about 8 to 11 in and around his garage. Lot of fun...
ArtGymSD at Richard's Garage

ArtGymSD at SDAI

This was a wonderful experiment which (for a while) hosted a community of artist across all lines of typical human demarcation (gender, income, ethnicity, age, artistic styles...). For a more solid look at the experiment go to ArtGymSD at SDAI PDF. Roberta and Richard made changes on a quarterly basis trying to perfect the concept of an art gym. Special thanks to the staff, volunteers and board of SDAI and SDAD for making it possible. Deep heartfelt thanks to Tim Fields and Kerstin Robers for their help and guidance. There are so many others Brook Castrejon Solis, Shaunna Witt, Lesley Cortez, Hank Gross, Fred M, Tony M, Tim F... Thanks, I hope you all had as much fun as we did! Links to Pictures on FaceBook and Flicker and fairly detailed explanations are below:
Videos from ArtGymSD at SDAI,
Art Cards 2012,
2012 Spring - Summer
2012 - Fall,
2013 Winter ArtGymSD at SDAI
2013 Spring at ArtGymSD at SDAI,


Future Projects

Right now Roberta and Richard are open to suggestions. We feel that a entrepreneur, backer, and publicist are needed. Richard is an excellent floor manager, and Roberta does excellent outreach and external program development. We are hoping that 3 more people will wander in...

Nature of an Art Gym

An Art Gym provides visual art studio space and other features, for its members to use on a part time basis.  This enables members to do their art efficiently and economically.  An Art Gym's place in the community is to be a spot where locals, making art, can create in community with other artists of varying skills and artistic maturity.  Art Gym's should also have several outreach programs into the community to build understanding of the value in being an artist.

In practice an Art Gym provides better than living wage compensation and benefits to its employees by hosting a communal  censor free place for people to create art, foster art understanding, and accommodate visiting artists.  The Gym is paid for by use fees, interactive live art outreach and patronage programs.

The Art Gym's initial goals are to create a brick and mortar site with easy accessibility to foot, trolley and car traffic.  The brick and Mortar site will have:

  • Work spaces both open and private that are flexible and can accommodate many working artists in succession during the day. 
  • A live model and vignette program.
  • Establish paying outreach programs involving 'non-artists' in the creation of art. 
  • Establish a customer base of subscribing users.
  • Establish mutually profitable ties to local galleries, businesses, colleges, art material suppliers, hotels/apartment complexes.
  • Places throughout the facility where people can sit and talk.

Business Philosophy:  Do Art Daily

Marketed too:  Practicing, new and returning artists, art patrons, local colleges, and hotel guests as well as local businesses involving designers, architects, and other art professionals.

The Industry:  Currently artists pay to produce, and show.  There is little art sales or various other types of patronage for visual artists in San Diego. This creates a customer base of people who support themselves outside of the art industry which in turn leaves them little time or space to practice their art.  The Art Gym answers the need by providing a space open for a lunch break or quick after hour sessions in the company of other artist.  Colleges and schools provide some studio space but often cannot cover all their student needs.  Local businesses (galleries, art suppliers, tourism) all benefit when more local people are able to pursue their art and build San Diego's reputation as an arts destination.