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Prior Trial Runs of ArtGymSD

Questionnaires and Trials

Richard and Roberta often accompanied by Maria, Hank and Jonathan went to several venues did their art, asked questions, and did outreach. These include an event sponsored by Suite Bridgett's Live Art at Ciao Bello, Art of Pride 2011, ArtGymSD Kids Night, ArtGymSD at NTC...

ArtGymSD at 4141 Alabama St (aka Larry Caveny's Garage Gallery)
March 17, 2012

We did a one week art gym. Where people could drop in and work out for a couple of hours (or more).
We set up the space on Sunday the 11th, and then opened for art workouts from the 12th to the 17th, 9am to 9pm. Tear down was March 18th. 
Richard and Jonathan acted as studio managers, opening the garage, and facilitating personal or group projects. All were welcome
ArtGymSD at Larry's Garage Gallery

ArtGymSD at Richard's Garage

Every Saturday Richard had a mini art gym from about 8 to 11 in and around his garage. Lot of fun...
ArtGymSD at Richard's Garage

ArtGymSD at SDAI

This was a wonderful experiment which (for a while) hosted a community of artist across all lines of typical human demarcation (gender, income, ethnicity, age, artistic styles...). For a more solid look at the experiment go to ArtGymSD at SDAI PDF. Roberta and Richard made changes on a quarterly basis trying to perfect the concept of an art gym. Special thanks to the staff, volunteers and board of SDAI and SDAD for making it possible. Deep heartfelt thanks to Tim Fields and Kerstin Robers for their help and guidance. There are so many others Brook Castrejon Solis, Shaunna Witt, Lesley Cortez, Hank Gross, Fred M, Tony M, Tim F... Thanks, I hope you all had as much fun as we did! Links to Pictures on FaceBook and Flicker and fairly detailed explanations are below:
Videos from ArtGymSD at SDAI,
Art Cards 2012,
2012 Spring - Summer
2012 - Fall,
2013 Winter ArtGymSD at SDAI
2013 Spring at ArtGymSD at SDAI,


ArtGymSD is in a Holding Pattern

So why is this page still around?

On the right you can see variations on the ArtGym theme. Up above is a facebook link to a very close look at ArtGymSD at SDAI.  There is another link to the programs run and things done, costs, etc. in PDF format.  It was a wonderful experience for Roberta and Richard.  Both of whom would like to see it continue in some form.  So this page is still around to share knowledge, memories, and a way to show we still are interested.