ArtGymSD Online Life Drawing

The ArtGymSD Online Life Drawing is a program hosted by Richard and Maria ChauDavis.  The program is for all 18 or older adults who wish to draw from a live and online model


Artist FAQ's

Who runs the session?

The Model has complete control of the session and determines poses, lighting, camera angle, costumed or nude, whether to take requests, length and number of different types of short poses.  Fun, Fast, and Furious, by Stu is all short poses and exercises.   Other  models will usually include at least one 20-minute pose in their session which artists can repeat in the recorded and bookmarked video (probably) available at the same url afterwards.


Is there a recording available?

If a patron misses a session, in most cases, there will be a session recording at the same url of the event.  This bookmarked recording will be available for current patrons to do the session, redo the session, work on the long pose, or create a work of art.


What will the Models look like?

The intention is to hire models that are diverse in age, apperance, genders, and ethnic background. With luck, Richard will be able to say ahead of time who the Model will be, provide their publicity picture, and a little bit about the session they are going to run.


How long will the sessions be?

The sessions are two hours long with five minute breaks between each 20 minute set. The 20 minute long pose(s) can usually be repeated endlessly in replay.  One ten minute break in the middle.


How can I use the recording or screen shots from a session?

The Model owns the copyright for their performance.  Patrons and everyone else should get the Model's permission before using the record for anything other than review, life drawing or completing an art piece. It is understood that Richard will be using ‘clips’ for advertising promoting the Model and the AGSD Life Drawing Program.


How do I Join and/or Support ArtGymSD Life Drawing Sessions?

AGSD Life Drawin is a patron reward of Richard and Maria’s Life Drawing Tier ($25 per month) at (there are other rewards included as well). The life drawing reward is a monthly benefit and covers all the Life Drawing Sessions held in that month of being a patron.  For example, In April there were 2 life drawing session, in May there will be at 4 life drawing sessions.


Patrons of the AGSD Life Drawing Tier will automatically be admitted to the life drawing sessions on Crowdcast,  Patrons need to use the email they gave Patreon to check into Crowdcast.


You can cancel your membership prior to the beginning of each month, patronage dollars collected are generally non-refundable but talk to Richard or Patreon if you feel you need a refund on top of canceling your patronage.  Canceling membership will also cause the former patron to lose access to all the video records from the life drawing sessions being saved on Crowdcast.


How are the number of sessions determined in a month? How is the Model paid?

The number of Life Drawing Sessions in a month are determined by the number of patrons supporting the program. 7 patrons are enough for 1 day.  14 patrons are enough for 2 days.  21 patrons are enough for 3 days, 28 patrons are enough for 4 days of life drawing in a month.  This can make the program incredibly reasonable, even in terms of the old ArtGymSD at SDAI where month passes sold for a minimum of $35.


Who schedules the Models?

Model coordinator Michelle Gregoire, of the San Diego Artists Model Guild, is reachable at,


May 2020 is an exception.

Michelle and Richard are guaranteeing the cost of at least 4 sessions for patrons no matter how many have signed up (to help get things rolling). The hope is to get up to 4 days a month as quickly as possible.  Patron support is critical! This May sessions will be on  Monday the 4th, the 11th, the 18th, and 25th, 7 to 9pm.  Models are paid $100 per session.  Stu is donating his modeling fee for the Fun, Fast, & Furious sessions.


What Browser/Platforms work best at Crowdcast?

The Chrome and Firefox browsers generally works best on Apple and Windows platforms.  Up to date versions of other browsers usually work (usually).  iPhones have a Patreon app that works well.  There is no need for a Crowdcast app on ‘up to date’ Android phones.  If things are glitching exit and return seems to fix the explainable problems.  You can run computability tests and get more suggestions at